HRSC History Through The Years

Established 1996 - Became Official in 2004

21 April 1996

Early Days

Hellenic RSC is established in Patras - Greece, by 12 friends/Greek Rangers fans at the Queen's 70th birthday, making it an extra special day. Watching Rangers from the other side of the continent was difficult back in the day and it was mainly done through newspapers and recorded broadcasts

1996 - 2004

Getting Stronger

For the years to come trips in Scotland and throughout Europe are sceduled in order to watch the team from up close. Hellenic RSC is slowly becoming bigger

10 May 2004

Becoming Official

By the end of 2003-04 season Hellenic RSC is 30 members strong. After talks with the then Rangers Liaison Officer, Jim Hannah, the desicion is taken and Hellenic RSC becomes an official RSC. George Katsiaris, founder of Hellenic RSC back in 1996 is unanimously elected president

01 September 2014

Social Media Pages

Rangers may be in turmoil, after the 2012 liquidation, but in contradiction, Hellenic RSC is getting stronger, counting more than 50 members. At that time creating social media pages on facebook and twitter is decided.

7 September 2015

Hellenic RSC Football Team

Members of Hellenic RSC are now more than 60 and organising a football team for the members to play looks like more than just a necessity. Sponsors are found, kits are designed and by the start of the 2015-16 season Hellenic RSC Football Team takes shape playing their first friendly game on Monday 07 September 2015 

28 May 2018

Hellenic Rangers Football Academy

It is decided that an academy is to be founded in order to learn kids in Greece how to play football with the values, principles and ethos Rangers embodies.

23-26 May 2019

European RSA - Zante AGM

Hellenic RSC being more than 120 members strong, host the first ever European Rangers Supporters Association AGM, in Zante island, organising lots of events and a charity football match in the island's national stadium. After ERSA constitution is voted, Hellenic RSC becomes the first RSC to join ERSA as a Tier 1 Member. Manages to get 3 RSC members in the ERSA Board with George Katsiaris being elected ERSA president.

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