HRSC's Honorary Members List

Established 1996 - Became Official in 2004

September 2015

Craig Houston

Sons of Struth founder, Club 1872 director and the first ever Hellenic RSC honorary member

December 2015

Ricki Neill

Rangers First Director and spokesman, Working group that set up Club 1872, Vice President of European Rangers Supporters Association

February 2016

Marco Negri

Rangers legendary Italian striker in the late '90s. Scored 23 goals in his first ten league games. Noteworthy for his low-key celebrations. If it wasn't for this eye injury... Marco Negri is Hellenic Football Academy's Ambassador

February 2017

Dorin Goian

Ex Rangers Romanian international defender. Towering, consistent and impressive, he has cemented his place as first choice centre back, unluckily, he signed for Gers just a year before the administration era. The rest is history. Dorin Goian is Hellenic Football Academy's Ambassador

February 2018

Marvin Andrews

Ex Rangers Trinidad and Tobago international defender. A true believer... None can forget "Helicopter Sunday"

May 2019

Nacho Novo & Greg Docherty

Ex Rangers Spanish striker Nacho Novo is still a fans favourite. He is still close to the club. So many memories, so many goals, come in mind when one thinks of him. Will never forget that penalty kick in Florence back in 2008! Greg Docherty on the other hand has his future in front of him. A really talented player. We all hope to see him wearing the Famous top week in-week out in the coming years

Februry 2020

Anestis Argyriou

Ex Rangers international defender Anestis Argyriou is one of the just two Greeks how wore the Famous top in the past. A good player, a gentleman and a bluenose

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